A Letter In A Bottle

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2024

A letter in a bottle.

What was the first thought that popped into your mind when you read that simple five word heading?

Were there tickly bubbles of childhood curiosity that stirred in you?

If you chose to read further, and not mindlessly scroll past, chances are you’re that person. The curious one that wants to uncurl magical messages in bottles sent across the seas from that mystery someone. A message that could be decades old, hundreds even. A message that has been kept safe by a green glass bottle that on some days ebbed and flowed across a calm sea, and at other times found itself crashing and diving in the waves, bracing itself against an angry sea to protect this one little, delicate, scroll-like message.

Did you picture calligraphy and a wax seal, or perhaps you imagined that parts of the lettering had bled into porous, yellowed paper with curled edges. 

The beauty is that regardless of what this letter looks like, its fragile paper has only survived to tell...

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Back with a Bang! A Tale of Wellbeing and Wonder

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2023

I recently embarked on a whimsical and transformative training that whisked me away from the digital realm for a few weeks.

Today, prioritising wellbeing isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. The world needs a tribe of resilient, mindful, and energised individuals ready to face any challenge with grace.

Personally, I've been walking this path by investing in my own wellbeing. Because true wellbeing is a lifelong journey of growth and self-care.

The training I attended was a profound experience, providing a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and transformative practices. It felt just like stepping into a world of magic. ‍ Imagine a swirling cauldron of self-love, boundaries, wheel of consent, stirred with countless emotional release and stress management techniques. Add a dash of shamanic tools, a sprinkle of shadow work, and a generous serving of conscious communication. Mix it all together with transformational breathwork, constellation activities, ancient rituals of healing,...

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A Return to AfrikaBurn: A Magical and Manic Experience

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

AfrikaBurn: A Magical and Manic Experience

AfrikaBurn is not your average festival. It's a unique celebration of art, creativity, self-expression, and community participation, located in the Tankwa Karoo desert in South Africa. As a participant-driven event, it offers a truly immersive experience, free from commercialism and vendors. 

The philosopher Lao Tsu once wrote, "Be at one with the dust of the earth. This is primal union." This advice is particularly relevant for this dusty event.

My first visit to AfrikaBurn was in 2018, and it was one of the hardest experiences of my life. Yet, I knew I had to go back. On April 24th 2023, I will return to the dusty playa and immerse myself for 8 days.

AfrikaBurn is not a spectator sport. It's an immersive, participative, full-body contact experience. Here are my reasons why I would travel across the globe to attend this magical and manic event.

Awe-Inspiring Moments

This year, 2023, is my year of awe, and AfrikaBurn is the...

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What if your performance has less to do with sales training and more to do with your body chemistry?

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2023

As a Chief Energy Officer, you have the potential to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals!

What if your performance has less to do with sales training and more to do with your body chemistry?

The Growth Hub invited me to deliver a brand new Sales Toolkit that will help you manage your chemistry for better performance.

While there's much I could share on this topic, I want to highlight the key takeaways that will be most helpful for the times we find ourselves in. Discover two practical techniques that you can use to leverage your chemistry for better performance. 

Doing less, more elegantly or differently is often more effective than trying to do more when you're under stress. And if you combine agitated stress with sitting for long periods, you have a recipe for disaster.

The link between stress and craving stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and smoking is well-known. That's why it's crucial to make changes to your lifestyle that work for you and can be...

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Welcome to 2020 Free

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2023

Welcome to 2020 free. 

Free can take on whatever feels meaningful to you! Free time, free will, feeling free, freedom, untethered … for me it means free from (no, not gluten or sugar) but from beliefs and stories that I no longer want to believe in. 

I recently had the opposite of feeling free … I felt really weighed down by the story that everything needs to be perfect and that hard work is rewarded. 

I have a personality type that resonates strongly with the archetype of the perfect achiever, I love getting stuff done, doing it perfectly and fast! Living like the Greek warrior Athena is helpful when you have a pressing deadline but it is also exhausting! I continue to work at being more wise sage and balanced rebel. 

What archetype do you resonate with? 

I started working in the UK, developing a network and friendships, more than a decade ago. Just over five years ago, I made the move to come live in the UK permanently. 

I knew that...

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The biggest creep of all. Is your phone affecting your wellbeing?

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2022

Both things and people can creep up on you. 

Now, while the idea of a person creeping up on you sounds somewhat more disturbing than a phone or an iPad, I’m beginning to think that Frank from across the road isn’t so bad after all with his silent tiptoeing, impenetrable shades, and large, paisley-patterned upturned collar. Relax! Frank is a fictional character (well, I certainly hope so!). Fictional Frank, some would call him.  

But here’s the thing… I think phones may be the real creeps. They look utterly harmless, attractive even, with their cute little rose-gold hues and trend-setting sleek lines. We can even buy them some bling! They have crept into our lives and our societies with such stealth-like prowess it’s like we didn’t see them coming. We have simply become accustomed to their constant presence, like a sort-of security blanket that we bury our nose into while our thumbs are the only thing getting a workout. They are the...

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You are what you eat. It’s an overdone saying for this reason: it’s true.

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2022

As I gaze through my window, I feel the corners of my mouth turn upwards. Wow. It is as if a magical Elven artist has been tirelessly at work. It is as if this artist has skipped to each and every leaf, lovingly and mindfully painting their unique folds, fine veins, and imperfect edges. The palette is blends of red, rufous, orange, and golden brown, mixed and mixed again to arrive at the perfect shades. Some leaves appear bruised at the tips, patiently awaiting their final brushstrokes. Once fully transformed, it takes just a whisper of wind for them to delicately pirouette to the ground. Sticks remain where leaves once were. The tree appears grey, brittle, and lifeless.

However, the tree and shrubs and flowers are anything but. They are very much alive. But up until this point they have been busy indeed. Spring is like their personal Mardi Gras, and they expend an immense amount of energy bursting into colour and dancing in the wind with their bright makeup. If they are to do this...

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Epigenetics: The roadmap to wellbeing transformation starts with your DNA

epigenetics nutrigenomics Oct 17, 2022

© Do you recognise this symbol?

What are the words and thoughts that come to your mind when you see a copyright symbol? For me it’s these:

  • Unique
  • Important
  • Value

This little sign means that the item it is attached to was valued enough for a person or company to spend a lot of money to make it their own. They know that to do so, will bring them security and wealth.  And its uniqueness is what has made it special. So special, in fact, that people may try to replicate it.


You know these three letters well. And just like the copywrite symbol, your DNA is yours and yours alone. It is what makes YOU unique, important and very valuable.

It is also what gave you’re the shadow-casting nose, rather than the perfect, little upturned one. But, hey, on the bright side, nobody else can be you, and nor should they try to be – because we are all our own beautiful selves! And that includes hair texture, lack thereof and uneven skin tone.

Just like the copyright...

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It’s your turn to sparkle

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2022

I’ve just turned 45 years old. As I absentmindedly applied a splash of morning makeup, I thought about this word: ‘turned’. What exactly does turn mean in the context of turning a new age? I pondered (as I do) if this word had a positive or negative connotation. I had, after all, turned older. I decided that, as with most things in life, it could mean either. It was up to me, and why would anyone choose negative when positivity is equally available?

I am fortunate to have experienced many chapters in my life. Some are nastier than I care to remember, yet their lessons are entwined with the joyous, magical experiences that make me the 45-year-old I am today. And guess what? I quite like what I see. I like who and what I am. This is my turn, my time to shine, my shine to sparkle. Turning a year older and turning the page to a new chapter is something I choose to celebrate! How wonderful to have the opportunity to experience this wiser, happier, more grounded me.


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Epigenetics: It's time to unzip

epigenetics nutrigenomics Sep 05, 2022

This is not something I’d ordinarily ask you to do, but trust me – you’ll be so glad I asked!

I’ve been on many journeys. The literal and the figurative ones. The literal ones usually involve airports, hard-shelled luggage and a passport with a photo in which I was not allowed to smile. Seriously? Do you not get the giggles when the passport-photo-taker-guy instructs you NOT to smile. I swear everything funny I’ve ever seen or done in my life takes centre stage in my mind and the poor long-suffering passport-photo-taker-person displays admirable patience. Does that happen to you? Anyway, that (believe it or not) is not my reason for asking you to un-zip.

Epigenetics is the reason. And it is a journey that has been both literal and figurative.

It has been such a pivotal moment in my life that I will be discussing it’s impact over several articles. Maybe even more – because there is SO much I relish the opportunity to share.

Epigenetics, is...

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