Epigenetics: The roadmap to wellbeing transformation starts with your DNA

epigenetics nutrigenomics Oct 17, 2022

© Do you recognise this symbol?

What are the words and thoughts that come to your mind when you see a copyright symbol? For me it’s these:

  • Unique
  • Important
  • Value

This little sign means that the item it is attached to was valued enough for a person or company to spend a lot of money to make it their own. They know that to do so, will bring them security and wealth.  And its uniqueness is what has made it special. So special, in fact, that people may try to replicate it.


You know these three letters well. And just like the copywrite symbol, your DNA is yours and yours alone. It is what makes YOU unique, important and very valuable.

It is also what gave you’re the shadow-casting nose, rather than the perfect, little upturned one. But, hey, on the bright side, nobody else can be you, and nor should they try to be – because we are all our own beautiful selves! And that includes hair texture, lack thereof and uneven skin tone.

Just like the copyright...

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Epigenetics: It's time to unzip

epigenetics nutrigenomics Sep 05, 2022

This is not something I’d ordinarily ask you to do, but trust me – you’ll be so glad I asked!

I’ve been on many journeys. The literal and the figurative ones. The literal ones usually involve airports, hard-shelled luggage and a passport with a photo in which I was not allowed to smile. Seriously? Do you not get the giggles when the passport-photo-taker-guy instructs you NOT to smile. I swear everything funny I’ve ever seen or done in my life takes centre stage in my mind and the poor long-suffering passport-photo-taker-person displays admirable patience. Does that happen to you? Anyway, that (believe it or not) is not my reason for asking you to un-zip.

Epigenetics is the reason. And it is a journey that has been both literal and figurative.

It has been such a pivotal moment in my life that I will be discussing it’s impact over several articles. Maybe even more – because there is SO much I relish the opportunity to share.

Epigenetics, is...

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