How your gut affects your mental health

gut health May 13, 2020

Correlation between gut health and mental health

Our everyday language has been telling us for decades that our brains and stomachs are connected – we digest difficult news, or talk about butterflies in our stomachs when we’re nervous. We go with our gut when making a decision.

But now scientists know that there’s a strong biological tie between gut and brain – so much so that they’re now calling the gut the ‘second brain’. And it’s not just your stress that has an impact on your digestive system – your digestive system can also affect your mental state.

It all comes down to the microbiome each of us carries around with us – a system of millions of bacteria, some good and some bad, that live in our digestive systems. And it’s all about keeping those in balance.

Gut problems and mental health

When things get too out of balance for too long, then you have a problem – with links to a plethora of conditions...

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