Santé! Celebrating Wellbeing and Mental Health

sante Jun 11, 2021


What pops into your mind when you hear this word?

My guess would be 'social bubble.' How extraordinary that just a short year ago, those two words weren't joined at the hip. Now they're best mates and internationally understood. Well, if there's anything we've learned from this unprecedented time is that the only constant is indeed change.

We, humans, are resilient, and for the most part, we are adaptable to change. However, the recent changes are a LOT. We're still mystified and digesting a hug-less world of masks, sanitiser, and online everything. Oh, and a new-found love of sweatpants.

We’re fatigued.

We have lockdown fatigue. ZOOM fatigue. TEAMS fatigue. Physical, emotional, and mental fatigue. And let’s just say we’re seeing a lot more of our family than we used to!

Alone is hard. So, let’s do this together.

It’s time to look at bubbles differently. Think back to a childhood where you skipped after soapy bubbles from a plastic...

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