Santé! Celebrating Wellbeing and Mental Health

sante Jun 11, 2021


What pops into your mind when you hear this word?

My guess would be 'social bubble.' How extraordinary that just a short year ago, those two words weren't joined at the hip. Now they're best mates and internationally understood. Well, if there's anything we've learned from this unprecedented time is that the only constant is indeed change.

We, humans, are resilient, and for the most part, we are adaptable to change. However, the recent changes are a LOT. We're still mystified and digesting a hug-less world of masks, sanitiser, and online everything. Oh, and a new-found love of sweatpants.

We’re fatigued.

We have lockdown fatigue. ZOOM fatigue. TEAMS fatigue. Physical, emotional, and mental fatigue. And let’s just say we’re seeing a lot more of our family than we used to!

Alone is hard. So, let’s do this together.

It’s time to look at bubbles differently. Think back to a childhood where you skipped after soapy bubbles from a plastic bubble-blower. You most likely dunked yellow plastic ducks in splashy bubble baths and held bubble-gum blowing competitions with friends. That delighted, joyous inner child is still within you. We simply upgrade our bubbles to champagne in the Santé programme as we reclaim our curiosity, effervescent and child-like exuberance.

There's no quick fix, but each small step will bring you closer to the life of holistic health.

Let’s celebrate wellbeing. Santé!

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A little about me.

Bonjour! I'm a French foodie whose family hails from the Champagne region of France. No guesses where my inspiration for Santé derived from!

I love to travel the world (from my home office at the moment!) and share my optimal energy and holistic wellbeing philosophies. More specifically, I help business leaders and their teams to enrich the quality of their lives; to have more energy; to sleep better, and to better control their physical, emotional, and mental health.

I hope to inspire others to look after their own wellbeing, encouraging a corporate culture of great, high-performing, healthy, and engaged teams.

My style includes a joie de vivre rooted in curiosity, connection, community, and celebration!

Champagne anyone? Santé!



Santé is delivered with an elegant clink.

Options include a 60 to 90-minute keynote presentation, a half or full-day masterclass, or a 2-day off-site retreat. The content is grounded in Alchemical and Jungian psychology, poetry, the arts, culinary, and movement wizardry, with varied materials and tools to support inputs and group-centred experiential activities.

A few of the aims and learning outcomes:

  • Reprieve and refreshment from the relentless pace of life and work stress
  • Replenishment and joy from the heaviness and isolation of leadership
  • Awareness of heritage impact on belief systems that impact lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Relatable champagne making steps as a metaphor for wellbeing, challenges, and aspirations helping participants bring more sparkle into work and personal life
  • Retain pleasure and enjoyment while embracing optimal wellness
  • Pledge actionable changes to live life by design not default


Sound interesting? Reach out and I will share the effervescence!

Let’s pop the cork.



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