This Is For You If You’re Looking For An Exceptional Expert Speaker

Celynn Morin Is The Perfect Speaker To Wow Your Audience At Your Next Event

So you’re looking for a speaker for your event, meeting or wellbeing programme. That’s a huge burden of responsibility on YOUR shoulders.

Get it right and you’ll have your stakeholders delighted with your decision making and participants  thrilled they had the opportunity to experience the session.
But… Get it wrong and your desired outcomes won't be met, questions will be asked, people will complain and a word search on the feedback forms will likely return “disappointed” as the most popular term… And you know who’ll get the blame don’t you?

Someone has to do it and for your event or meeting, that’s you. So, who do you pick to stand on your stage or the front of the room to serve your audience? With so many great speakers to choose from, let me help you.

How? By putting myself forward as a potential partner to be an Expert Speaker and contributor for your event or programme.

I’ll lay out the case why I believe you can consider me a viable candidate for your speaker shortlist.

Incredibly Impactful!

“Celynn came to speak at a KPMG event for around 150+ M&A consultants about resilience and wellness. She was incredibly impactful, engaging and provided pragmatic actions for the team members to take away. The place was captivated by Celynn and for days afterwards, numerous partners and team members were talking about tangible things they were changing based on the reflections from Celynn’s session and many wanted to follow up with her. I certainly was blown away and would highly recommend Celynn.” 

Chau Woeste, Partner KPMG 

Here's how I'll do it...


Step 1

You’ll get the business context of my topic so you can see its relevance to your audience.

Step 2

You’ll understand how my content can help your audience and the organisation they work for.

Step 3

You’ll be shown the features and benefits of the proposed presentation or programme.

Step 4

You’ll learn about the successes I’ve already had speaking for audiences like yours in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Step 5

You’ll discover how I work with event planners and other team leads so you can see how that fits with your process.

Step 6

You can then decide how you want to explore working with me in the short and/or long term.

Book A Briefing Call With Celynn

The Business Context Of My Topic


Just consider these startling statistics for a moment:

  • According to Harvard Medical School 96% of senior leaders are burned out.
  • According to the World Economic Forum 80% of managers think they’re supporting the physical and emotional health of their workforce. But 54% of the workforce think they DON’T!
  • According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Survey… 85% of employees are not engaged at work.

That last statistic is the most telling about the state of the modern day workforce. According to research carried out by The Conference Board and reported on by GuideSpark:

“Disengaged employees are less likely to work hard, feel motivated, or meet expectations for their role, and they cause 60% more errors and defects in work performance. In fact, 73% of actively disengaged employees are on the lookout for new jobs or opportunities.”

But what happens when the workforce is engaged? Well Gallup’s survey compared employee engagement levels and found the following differences in business outcomes for those with top quartile engagement:

So how do you increase workforce engagement?

Well here’s a clue from Gallup themselves:

“When someone is highly engaged as a result of workplace WELLBEING, the number of alternatives they’d consider is zero”

And as the Wellbeing Whisperer, that’s where I come in.

How My Content Helps Your Audience

Since completing my degree in Dietetics at the University of Pretoria in 2000 and after working with thousands of people in hundreds of businesses, I discovered this fundamental truth:

Healthy business with healthy profit is achieved by healthy people.

 When employees are well-fuelled, well-rested and well-led, meaning they have healthy holistic wellbeing, then business magic happens… because they’re more engaged.

The trouble is, no one is ever taught how to achieve vibrant healthy wellbeing and resilient mental health.

And if they don’t know, they can’t do.

As a result many people find themselves:

  • Struggling with fatigue
  • Constantly exhausted yet unable to sleep well
  • Feeling burnt out, cynical and jaded 
  • Overwhelmed and stressed
  • Anxious or depressed
  • Feeling more poorly more often
  • Battling a poor work life balance

This is not good for them as individuals and is certainly not good for the teams they share, the companies and organisations they work for.

But all of those symptoms are manageable and preventable with the right approach to wellbeing.

That’s what I share when I present.


When I work with an audience, there are three pillars to my approach to serving them...


Pillar 1

It’s ok to NOT be ok.

In my line of work, you’ll often find health experts getting preachy. That’s not the approach I take.

I meet everyone where they’re currently at with compassion. I help them understand that it’s ok NOT to be ok and that when THEY are ready, they can choose to do something about it.

One of the important principles I teach is cultivating curiosity through self awareness and conscious questions.

I also share the latest research in behaviour change that includes understanding neuroscience and how to make practical changes that become easy to stick. 

Pillar 2

Kintsugi Wellbeing

In the Japanese art of Kintsugi, broken ceramic objects are carefully repaired using a gold lacquer. Instead of disguising or hiding the cracks and repairs, they are literally illuminated highlighting them as events in the life of the object.

It is an embrace of the flawed or imperfect. In fact many collectors see the repaired ceramics as even more beautiful and valuable than its unbroken form.

I apply that philosophy to how I get people to value themselves as their journey to greater health and wellbeing unfolds.

Pillar 3

Joie de Vivre
(The Exuberant Enjoyment Of Life)

I have French heritage and live my life with joie de vivre so it’s important to me that vibrant physical wellbeing and resilient mental health comes from enjoyment, effervescence….and yes even champagne! My family are from the Champagne region of France.

My 'raison d’etre' is to enrich the quality of people’s lives by inspiring them to take better care of their wellbeing in a way that is celebratory and enjoyable. This is essential for lasting behaviour change as we change most when we feel good, not bad. 

Presenting at events like yours is just one way I do that.

Let's Get Started
My Signature Presentation

Performance Chemistry: How to be your own CEO

(Chief Energy Officer)

This is a very practical, engaging, interactive and value adding presentation that sits very well on the agenda of:

  • Your company’s annual conference
  • A leadership/management conference
  • A quarterly meeting for senior managers
  • Your departmental or company away day
  • A kick off meeting to start the financial or calendar year
  • A conference or event you’re putting on for your customers
  • An Internal workshop or master class
  • A wellbeing programme event 
  • A lunch and learn session
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • An exhibition or ticketed event
  • An award dinner or special event

Here are the outcomes of this presentation:

  • To give your event an engaging and interactive session that people enjoy, appreciate and value and will be talking about for months to come.
  • To help your audience understand and appreciate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and how it relates to how they feel, how they behave and the results they get. As well as the meaning and purpose they find in their work and life.
  • For your audience to baseline their current state of wellness and wellbeing by completing the insightful WELLculator™ Lifestyle Assessment I use with all my personal clients.
  • To share how to become more self aware of their state so they can self regulate to bring their mind, body and emotions back into equilibrium, even in the most stressful and overwhelming situations.
  • To experience what it feels like to tune out from work so they can fully relax the nervous system and get the rest and respite they deserve.
  • For each audience member to create their own PERSONALISED PLAN of ACTION to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • To inspire and motivate people in your audience to take one step closer to vibrant physical wellbeing and resilient mental health.
  • To personally hold everyone in the audience accountable for making the changes they commit to. And most importantly… 
😀 To have you DELIGHTED that you decided to book me as a speaker for your event.

However, the value of this presentation is more than just the content delivered. It’s also in the way it is delivered.
For example, I use positive psychology by combining practicality and playfulness to encourage change in even the most resistant delegates.
You know the ones I mean … those who sit expressionless with their arms (and even their legs) crossed, adamant they don’t want to be there!

Highly Relevant. Realistic. Obtainable.

“Celynn has a wonderful presence in the room. She certainly practices what she preaches! The group were initially sceptical about the subject matter but with ease, Celynn put aside any judgment and provided the group with detailed information, highly relevant, usable and presented options that were realistic and obtainable. Highly interactive – the group were energised, present in the room and that energy lasted throughout the afternoon session. The slides and documents provided during and after the session were in-depth, provided a great deal of information for the members to use and follow up on for themselves and for their workplace.  Celynn is an absolute pleasure to work with and followed my brief to a tee. I was conscious that some Members prefer workshops to be more business related, which she did, extending her advice with examples of how to lead as an example and to positively change behaviours in the workplace.”

Gráinne McGuire-Ferrari, The Practical MBA Programme

Celynn in Action

Everything I share is backed by research and from over 22 years experience as a qualified dietitian.
I’m well known for taking complex health and wellbeing concepts, simplifying them to make them understandable and memorable to the lay audience …
AND providing practical steps on how people can implement them in their own busy, stressful lives.
But, they get more than just practical takeaways that will take them closer to vibrant physical wellbeing and resilient mental health.
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Everyone Gets A Participants’ Pack To Takeaway

Every audience member also gets an Interactive WELLculator™ kit to support the lifestyle changes they choose to make which consists of:

  • The Wellculator™ Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire in various formats
  • Free access to Wellculator™ Lite - an online video training programme
  • An annual subscription to my Foodie Fun recipe series
  • A relaxing tactile orange stress ball also used as part of an engaging personal pledge activity
  • A Wellculator™ themed pen
  • The Wellculator™ Accountability System Commitment Card (includes postage)

I do have other presentations I can deliver such as Santé - Celebrating Wellbeing, Fit-2-Lead and Beyond Burnout. If I have not spoken to your audience before, Performance Chemistry is a great place to start.

The format of my session will vary depending on your particular needs but I can deliver 45 - 90 minute keynotes; half-day masterclasses as well as full-day retreats.

These sessions can be done as in-person events or as online virtual sessions. If there was one good thing to come out of lockdown, it was the development of my skills and technology to deliver remotely.

Rest assured, to ensure your needs and objectives are met, we will always have a comprehensive briefing call where we can align your requirements and expectations with the wellbeing session to be delivered.

My Track Record & Speaking Successes

So does it work?

Well, I’ll let some of my previous clients and audience members share their experience of my sessions with you.

“Celynn has been the guest speaker at two events I've organised for my clients and both times she's had a profound and lasting impact. My clients loved the talks, they're engaging, fun and packed with valuable and practical, usable information. Since the last one Celynn's name comes up most weeks when someone talks about changes they are making to their wellbeing. I've signed up for one of Celynn's programmes and while it's early days for me I'm delighted so far. The changes we've agreed on are way more interesting than I ever expected, and I understand immediately why they will make a huge positive difference to my health.”

Alan Brighton   
Business Coach

“Celynn is right up there with the very best. I found her content inspiring, motivating with a truly balanced measure of substance and style. She delivers in a wonderful, authentic way and personally inspired me to make the changes that I know I have needed to make for quite some time.”

Chris Gaines
The Trusted Executive Fellowship Board

“Celynn went down a storm, lots of actions, everyone was pleased. We could not have got any better feedback.”

Simon Chaplin, MD
Greenstones Accounting

“Genuine health through small changes. Enables me and my business. It was mesmerising.”

Jeff Dewing

“Celynn scored 5 out of 5 for content and delivery. This is unheard of. Celynn has scored the highest score of any speaker I have ever had in 12 years.”

Adam Harris, MD
Fresh Mindset

“Celynn has a contagious way of sharing her passion for nutrition and an incredible ability to transpose the importance of maintaining good habits of life in order to maximize our wellbeing, mental health and professional growth. Definitely one of the best events I have attended in these times of confinement!”

Rafaelle Souvay
Partner, Pelmorex Corp

“Celynn has a passion for helping other people find joy and calm in life and it shines through. I was lucky enough to book Celynn as a presenter at one of my conferences and what a great decision. "Beyond Burnout" not only covers off nutrition and well being but Celynn shares practical exercises to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals. I would HIGHLY recommend Celynn – Book her now!”

Leigh Acutt
Owner LA Event Management

“Celynn presented to our Entrepreneurial mentoring group (Startup2Standup), the content and delivery was first class. The feedback from the group has been fantastic, we felt the topics were extremely relevant and essential in the pursuit of building a great business. I cannot recommend Celynn highly enough, simply brilliant.”

Ollie Austin
Co-Founder, Startup2Standup

“If you are looking for a high energy speaker who can adapt what they are saying to the audience they have and to the needs of that audience then I recommend you think seriously about using Celynn. Here’s what one of my delegates said about Celynn’s Presentation. I went into the session thinking I haven't got time for this and I have too much to do. How wrong was I... It was perfect timing and the right message for me. I needed the reminder of what was being delivered. This session was highly relevant to me and I have taken some really clear objectives from it”.

If you are serious about adding some value to your event and providing real practical takeaways to your attendees, whatever their position or role, then at least speak with Celynn to see how she might help you.”

Mark Fuller
Chair at VIstage UK

“Having had Celynn present a variety of outstanding workshops to several of my Vistage Groups over the years I feel the time has come to highlight what an incredible, and transformational speaker, presenter and coach she is. I've worked with her for the past 5 years and her depth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in whatever she is presenting on never fails to impress me or my members. Many have credited her with life transformations, as well as providing tools and techniques for health, nutrition, resilience and general wellbeing. She is both tireless and selfless in her desire to help others, and throughout lockdown helped everyone who asked - giving of herself and her time to anyone in need. I cannot recommend her highly enough and look forward to many more years of working together.”

Laura Gordon
Chair with Vistage International (UK)

Here’s Why I’m Able To Deliver Such Popular And Impactful Presentations

“My message is deeply relatable, actionable, and proven. It is changing lives around the world. Whether you’re trying to engage and help a thousand sales consultants or a dozen executives, I will not only inspire your audience to change, but I’ll also teach them how to create lasting lifestyle habits and back up my message with science.”

Celynn Morin

Professional Speaker

I have spoken hundreds of times to thousands of people from organisations and companies across all sectors on 3 different continents.

  • I’m a Certified Speaking Professional (Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK) ) which means I am internationally recognised and acknowledged to be at the highest level in the speaking profession.
  • I have been a Professional Member of the Professional Speakers Association in South Africa and the UK for over a decade.
  • I’ve been awarded an Outperformer Speaker Award, Vistage UK, 3 times

Here are just some of the organisations I have spoken for:
CloudFM; H&M; KPMG; Octopus Energy; Vistage UK; Pernod Ricard; Reckitt; Bidvest; Standard Bank; Ooni Pizza Ovens; DR Wakefield Coffee; InterCity, Exel Group; Orsted; Institute of Water; Sickkids Foundation; AC Group Travel; Property Academy; Avignon; Alltruck; Eccrebo; Jagex; Evora; CBRE

Author & Thought Leader

  • I am the co-author of two books on health and wellbeing - Fast Food for Sustained Energy (Nb Pub Ltd 2013) and The FAB Quotient™ (CreateSpace Independent Publishing 2015).
  • I have a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant accreditation from Vitality.
  • I’m a Certified Master Practitioner for The Healing Hub.
  • I’m a HeartMath accredited coach.
  • I am a Certified Embodied Facilitator/Coach.
  • I have a certification in Culinary Genomics for Clinicians which is the art of using food to reduce the primary causes of chronic disease and accelerated aging.
  • I’ve completed the Neuroscience Professional Development course approved by British Psychological Society.
  • I’ve been a regular expert contributor for various media channels.
  • I was the Weight Loss Coach for Longevity magazine.

Registered Dietitian

  • I am a qualified dietitian with a Bachelor in Dietetics (Cum laude) from University of Pretoria in South Africa.
  • I’m a full member of the British Dietetic Association.
  • I’ve been consulting private clients as a dietitian in private practice since 2000.

How I Will Work With You

First of all, let’s both acknowledge that at this stage neither of us know if I’m the right fit for your event or meeting or your wellbeing programme.

So the first step is for us to have a short conversation where I can find out about your event or meeting, your audience and what you want to achieve.

I’ll also answer any questions you have not already answered by what’s on this page.

Even then, it’s quite possible that I might not be the right speaker for you.

However I have an extensive network of fellow professional speakers across the full range of speaking topics. If I can’t help you then I’m pretty sure I can point you in the direction of someone who can.

But if there is synergy, the next thing I’ll do is produce a detailed proposal for you based on our conversation.

Once we’ve agreed that, the date(s) goes in my schedule.

As soon as we start working together, you’ll find me:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Dedicated
  • Focused on helping you put on an amazing event
  • Easy and fun to work with

Here’s What To Do Next

So the next step is to arrange that 20 minute call.

I’d encourage you to act now to do this. My diary fills up in advance pretty quickly, and demand is high right now that the speaking industry is well and truly picking up post pandemic.

Here’s how to book a call:

Contact me directly via phone or email on +44 755 373 2790 or [email protected]

Or fill in the form with your name, organisation, telephone number and primary email address, and any details you can share about your event, click the submit button and my assistant or myself will be in touch to arrange a call.

Book Celynn for your Event

My 100% Speaking Fee Money Back Guarantee 

I’m so confident my session will be a perfect fit for you even that I offer this unconditional, 100% money back guarantee. If I do not meet our agreed objectives for your event, or my content doesn’t align with the agreed outcomes in my proposal, or indeed if you are unhappy with any aspect of my presentation, I will refund 100% of my speaking fee, no questions asked.

So all the risk is on me to deliver you an awesome session to contribute to an outstanding session. Contact me now, and let's have a conversation to see how I can help you with your event.

What my clients have to say

“Celynn was kind enough to deliver an hour's talk to CEOs and leaders of Non-Profits at the Forums National Conference. Her talk was amazing - both content and delivery. Her narrative structure was clear and easy to follow, her visuals were beautiful and her models practical and applicable. She was warm and engaging throughout, with a beautiful voice that complemented the visuals and kept everyone enthralled yet relaxed throughout, and her personal stories and little aphorisms really brought it all to life brilliantly. Working with Celynn in the build up to this was also a pleasure. Her professionalism and positive attitude made everything easy and gave me every confidence that she would deliver a fantastic talk... high expectations that she then exceeded.”

Daniel Solomons
Human-centric Digital Transformation

“Celynn presented at our most recent Vistage day and it was truly brilliant and very timely too. We got some very useful tips on how to listen to our own bodies and small changes we can make to improve our overall wellbeing. Didn't feel like we were being lectured at all, just some very sensible advice and easy small changes we can all do that make a big difference!”

Petya Shay

“Celynn's session on wellbeing and wellness is second to none. I've seen Celynn many times now and each time I take away something new. She delivers the session with knowledge and understanding of the busy lives of managers and execs and inspires you to make small changes that can make a huge difference.”

Claire Farley
Managing Director

“This was the second time I was lucky enough to attend one of Celynn’s workshops. It was as engaging and informative on zoom as it was IRL. This time I learnt habit stacking, along with the latest intel on well-being. Now it’s over to me to implement. Thoroughly recommend Celynn.”

Karen Yates
Founder Taylor Yates

“Celynn, your session this morning was universally well received with plenty of practical insights and takeaways. As I mentioned in my introduction, this is such a hot issue for us right now and without doubt, everyone will have benefitted. You have a great presentational style that puts everyone at ease and keeps them fully engaged. Excellent session and once again, thank you.”

Matthew Griffiths
Board Chair NED, CEO

“Celynn recently ran a full day workshop at my Vistage CEO annual retreat. The session was a well-timed opportunity for the group to receive some really practical wellbeing help for themselves after a prolonged period of uncertainty and stress. Celynn gave us tools that make an immediate difference to our health and wellbeing while also providing essential insight into longer-term changes that we all need to strive towards. Her emphasis on small sustainable steps was spot on. The group thoroughly enjoyed the session and have immediately responded to the ideas and seen immediate benefit - highly recommended!”

David Hipkin
Vistage Chair