Epigenetics: It's time to unzip

epigenetics nutrigenomics Sep 05, 2022

This is not something I’d ordinarily ask you to do, but trust me – you’ll be so glad I asked!

I’ve been on many journeys. The literal and the figurative ones. The literal ones usually involve airports, hard-shelled luggage and a passport with a photo in which I was not allowed to smile. Seriously? Do you not get the giggles when the passport-photo-taker-guy instructs you NOT to smile. I swear everything funny I’ve ever seen or done in my life takes centre stage in my mind and the poor long-suffering passport-photo-taker-person displays admirable patience. Does that happen to you? Anyway, that (believe it or not) is not my reason for asking you to un-zip.

Epigenetics is the reason. And it is a journey that has been both literal and figurative.

It has been such a pivotal moment in my life that I will be discussing it’s impact over several articles. Maybe even more – because there is SO much I relish the opportunity to share.

Epigenetics, is not just another buzzword. Rather, it is a revolutionary field of medicine that understands how our genes work. You might think our DNA is simply given to us. Born into our bodies, we carry around our genomic sequences that determine our biological future. Helpless? Not so much.

Us humans are innovative and full of grit. We are no longer helpless in the face of our human code. Instead, we can take proactive control and unlock our superpowers like the superheroes and leaders that we are.

Designed for our world’s leaders, future and current, our mission is simple: optimise our four pillars. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual components of our life aggregate into our output, and now you can ensure that you are ready for anything life throws our way – in fact, you’ll throw it around like confetti smiling (unlike your passport photo).

And where was I going with my earlier request?

Unzip your DNA, and be exposed to the “real” you. Teaming up with experts in this field, I have compiled a program that will put you at the forefront of 21st century medicine.

I have so much more to say…but this is meant to be the ‘teaser’ article, so I’ll be strong! Let me just say life will be so much SUITE-er – you’ll soon C.

Take a peek if you must at https://www.celynnmorin.com/c-suite-health.

More to follow. Santé.


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