Epigenetics: The roadmap to wellbeing transformation starts with your DNA

epigenetics nutrigenomics Oct 17, 2022

© Do you recognise this symbol?

What are the words and thoughts that come to your mind when you see a copyright symbol? For me it’s these:

  • Unique
  • Important
  • Value

This little sign means that the item it is attached to was valued enough for a person or company to spend a lot of money to make it their own. They know that to do so, will bring them security and wealth.  And its uniqueness is what has made it special. So special, in fact, that people may try to replicate it.


You know these three letters well. And just like the copywrite symbol, your DNA is yours and yours alone. It is what makes YOU unique, important and very valuable.

It is also what gave you’re the shadow-casting nose, rather than the perfect, little upturned one. But, hey, on the bright side, nobody else can be you, and nor should they try to be – because we are all our own beautiful selves! And that includes hair texture, lack thereof and uneven skin tone.

Just like the copyright symbol, your DNA is something you should invest in. When you do, it too will bring you wealth of good. Health is wealth. You’ve heard it before, so now act on it.

Let me tell you how. From the inside out.

Use the Power of Nutrigenomics!

First – cut out the noise. We can’t hear over all the nutrition, never mind over our own crunching, as we tirelessly chew through the-next-best-thing diet fad. It is not about magical supplements that promise to heal your gut, and fairy dust low-carb recipes. It never has been.

The answer has always resided in your very own genes. Your genes hold an ingenious recipe for every protein your body makes. Proteins conduct the orchestra in your body, by directing a particular function in your body. This means, you simply need to know which foods and nutrients affect which genes (nutrigenomics). This is the path you should follow if you want to make your body sing in harmony with the orchestra.

“Nutritional genomics research (aka nutrigenomics) explores how the food we eat and other environmental factors directly affect our genes' functioning, specifically in regards to treatment or prevention of disease.” Source

Nutrigenomics is described as personalised medicine - moving away from traditional, one-sized fits all strategies for diet and lifestyle. This approach creates a more mindful and customised roadmap for transformation. It involves DNA analysis of your body’s operating system to help you methodically uncover and implement your unique roadmap to long-term physical, emotional and mental resilience!

Hold that thought! There will be more to follow in next month’s article on this subject where we’ll find out exactly HOW we look ‘inside’ your body to find the answers to optimal health and joie de vivre.

For now, here’s an example of how you can reduce inflammation in your body. A very good idea if you want to opimise your wellbeing and minimise your risk for illness and/or disease.

“When it comes to inflammation, we know that the allium family such as onions, garlic, leeks, etc. can turn off the inflammatory TNF-alpha gene. Elderberries, capers, turmeric (especially the roasted root) and radishes can do the same thing! This is unlike taking a supplement that claims to tame inflammation. Nutrigenomics gives us precise information based on the nutrient-gene interactions so that we can have more confidence that you will see results”. – genomickitchen.com

Schweeet. Or should I say suite? This is how we fit in.

Discover C-Suite Health

C-Suite generates a roadmap to transformation that is based on your DNA, your lifestyle and your leadership demands. It is a journey of personal exploration. This 6-month programme will teach you how to value your own personal makeup, placing a copyright stamp and more focused value on YOU. 

This programme interconnects body, mind and emotions and will give you a renewed sense of vitality, purpose and accomplishment.

Our dedicated team of experts, Celynn, Amanda and Darryl,  will take you on a personalised journey that combines the science of nutritional genomics.

What you can expect: 

  • Greater self-awareness 
  • Longevity optimisation 
  • Reduced health risk 
  • Clarity and peace of mind 
  • Less stress and overwhelm 
  • Enhanced quality of life 

Your DNA is what sets you apart from 8 billion individuals on the earth. There is no need to replicate someone else’s lifestyle, or diet when you can build your very own, unique roadmap! 

Curious? C for yourself!


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