A Letter In A Bottle

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2024

A letter in a bottle.

What was the first thought that popped into your mind when you read that simple five word heading?

Were there tickly bubbles of childhood curiosity that stirred in you?

If you chose to read further, and not mindlessly scroll past, chances are you’re that person. The curious one that wants to uncurl magical messages in bottles sent across the seas from that mystery someone. A message that could be decades old, hundreds even. A message that has been kept safe by a green glass bottle that on some days ebbed and flowed across a calm sea, and at other times found itself crashing and diving in the waves, bracing itself against an angry sea to protect this one little, delicate, scroll-like message.

Did you picture calligraphy and a wax seal, or perhaps you imagined that parts of the lettering had bled into porous, yellowed paper with curled edges. 

The beauty is that regardless of what this letter looks like, its fragile paper has only survived to tell its story, because it was protected by a simple, green glass bottle.

What if we now transport our minds to the story of yet another green bottle. This one is standing proud at the centre a dining room table surrounded by the laughter of friends, and the clatter of silverware. It’s a celebration, and this champagne bottle is at the epicentre.

It has taken years to get here. This proud protector. Champagne, or any sparkling wine made using this méthode champenoise, is the fruit of a long and complex production process. A large part of it spent upside down in a holder at a 75-degree angle (no wonder it makes us light headed!).

The bottles’ precious contents begun as vines, nurtured beneath a bold, strong, warm, masculine sun as her grapes ripened, then squished, preparing to give their juices to the alchemy of the méthode champenoise. Yet, she was not yet done, and the bottle displayed patience, protection and grace as the precious liquid rested and fermented to prepare for her ultimate climax.  The intricate and transformative process that ultimately creates the bubbles that sparkling wine is famous for continues over many months and years. One of the countless steps involves the development of flavour, aroma, and complexity as the added yeast cells die producing a sediment called lees. Just like releasing the lees produces a sparkling wine that is clear and ready to drink, so too do we cultivate clarity of mind and spirit when we release what no longer serves us. 

Back to our room where loved ones have gathered. As the cork is popped, effervescent joy, celebration and boundless energy fill the room. There is hugging, smiles of delight, and the clinking of sparkly, tall stemmed, crystal glasses. Together, this bottle and this bubbly elixir, create a perfect union, and moment. For themselves, and those around them. 

In each of us there is structure and surrender, hard and soft, feminine and masculine. Our yin and our yang. One simply cannot exist without the other. It is through setting firm boundaries, feeling protected and safe that, like the letter in a bottle, we can release our old stories and create our very own unique expression of exuberance.

Equally, we can choose when the time is right to pop that cork, to watch the unscrewed muselet (wire cage that fits over the cork) lie helpless on the floor as we are unmuzzled and give ourselves grace to speak our truth, to celebrate our authenticity, to indulge in life through our senses and innate sensuality. There is no shame in that, there is only aliveness and fulfilment.

We are told that to be vulnerable, sensitive or to surrender is weakness, and yet when we’re feeling as strong as a coat of armour, we’re labelled arrogant. I say no to that. I say yes to celebrating both the masculine and the feminine.  I say yes to releasing ole stories that no longer serve us. I say yes to choosing more champagne moments, with or without the sparkling drink.

Become effervescent, become unstoppable, indulge your senses, embrace your erotic energy. Celebrate you. Celebrate your partner. Celebrate your friends. Celebrate humanity. Just celebrate. Santé!



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