You are what you eat. It’s an overdone saying for this reason: it’s true.

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2022

As I gaze through my window, I feel the corners of my mouth turn upwards. Wow. It is as if a magical Elven artist has been tirelessly at work. It is as if this artist has skipped to each and every leaf, lovingly and mindfully painting their unique folds, fine veins, and imperfect edges. The palette is blends of red, rufous, orange, and golden brown, mixed and mixed again to arrive at the perfect shades. Some leaves appear bruised at the tips, patiently awaiting their final brushstrokes. Once fully transformed, it takes just a whisper of wind for them to delicately pirouette to the ground. Sticks remain where leaves once were. The tree appears grey, brittle, and lifeless.

However, the tree and shrubs and flowers are anything but. They are very much alive. But up until this point they have been busy indeed. Spring is like their personal Mardi Gras, and they expend an immense amount of energy bursting into colour and dancing in the wind with their bright makeup. If they are to do this again next year, they need an essential ingredient: rest.

So, they incubate. They hibernate. They reenergize. They look bare but they are not gone. They simply know when to pause because, like any living thing, they need to re-energise and nourish from the roots up. Thanks to these ebbs and flows and being grounded, living things can replenish to deliver effervescence and their best selves. This cycle benefits all living things. Human beings included. You included.

We cannot shine our brightest spectrum of colours if we do not give back to ourselves. Epigenetics gets to this nourishment's root (yes, tree pun intended). Like the cycle of the seasons, everything is circular. Every season needs the other to survive. And to be holistically well, we must be mindful of how each of our choices impacts the other. We need to think of 'balance' and circularity in all that we do.

If we exercise but don’t eat well, then the effect of exercise is not optimised. If we are social but never have me-time, we will offer a low-energy version of ourselves to friends. If we do all the right things but don't eat correctly, we won't ever reach the summit of our lives. Imagine never seeing that view?

Our C-Suite Health programme generates a transformation roadmap based on your DNA, lifestyle, and leadership demands. This one-to-one journey is led and supported by a team of specialists in emotional optimisation, genomic nutrition, movement dynamics, and behaviour modification to ensure results in the long run.

By combining the science of nutritional genomics with emotional and lifestyle direction, we will methodically uncover and implement new ways to strengthen your physical, emotional, and mental resilience. Open the door to a life well-lived. Here’s what to expect.

Give yourself time to reenergise and truly understand your inner workings. Imagine just how colourful your Mardi Gras outfit will be come Spring!


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