Return to the office bringing on the return of anxiety?

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2022

The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. At least in part. Life is tiptoeing back to normality. Most of us have been given the "backed-by-science” thumbs-up to return to work.

But we have been working, you say?

Well, yes, but now we’re allowed to return to our formal downtown office on the third floor and do things like sit around actual boardroom tables and strategise over filter coffee, choc-chip cookies and bran muffins.

With in-the-flesh colleagues?

Someone sound the alarm bells!

Does this mean we have to be 'seen,' unprotected by ZOOM filters, island life backdrops, or the pajama-friendly video ‘off’ button, and make light conversation between meetings too?

The truth is - this good news brings with it a downside because it requires change. And while they say change is always good, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Going into the office is no longer the norm. We are being asked to adjust YET again. Many of us have become comfortable...

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So, how do I love thee? Let me count the (100) days!

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2022

And by 'thee,' I mean 'me'!

Yes. I unashamedly work on myself first. I seek joy and mindfully pursue happiness. Ironically, it's one of the most selfless things you'll ever do – to love yourself first. We’ve all heard about the concept of 'self-love.' In fact, it’s running the ragged edge of becoming a buzzword – one embroidered on an on-trend, overpriced scatter cushion. However, 'self-love' is not a passing word or a phrase; it is a lifelong practice that we must consciously maintain and prioritise if we are to beam our unique light on the world. And the world needs your light!

I believe that all things in life come down to balance. A balanced diet, a balanced fitness regime, and a balanced mindset make for a balanced individual. Now more than ever, we've been thrown off balance. We've had to shift, wobble and realign more times than any of us ever signed up for. So, what do we do to minimise life’s vertigo and draw closer to equanimity?

Well, we...

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If joy is hiding, then seek it. It’s the only resolution you need.

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2022

“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” - Carlos Santana

2022 doesn't seem to be any different from those preceding it, and there is a flurry of resolution and goal setting. Perhaps, like me, you feel apprehensive this year about diving right in with the busyness that New Year resolutions demand?

There's nothing inherently wrong with setting a New Year's resolution. Where things can get problematic is when you're doing it from a place of obligation or pressure. After the last two frenetic years, it feels as if being gentler and slower out the starting blocks may serve us better than aiming for the very distant finish line of yet another year-end.

What could you do then (if anything)? Instead of cultivating a bunch of new pledges and habits, why not spend time nurturing joy or a sense of joie de vivre? Joie de what?

My French heritage influences my choice of words!

Joie de Vivre []
french n. 1. “joy of life”
No alt text provided for this image

Joy is often...

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Fight or flight to prove you are right?

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

I am human. I am unashamedly imperfect but proud that I consistently work towards being more self-aware, more present, more wholehearted. I do this for myself, for my inner peace, and so that I can contribute positive energy to my loved ones, to my clients and society as a whole. So, yes, I have the tools – I teach them, after all! However, even the teacher is constantly being tested, learning fresh lessons.

My test arrived a few short weeks ago in the form of a COVID Fit to Fly Test (PCR) - it's a lesson as uncomfortable and far-reaching as the nasal swab. I had booked a flight back to South Africa to visit my parents after our beloved dog, Clicquot passed. I had a profound sense of the fragility of life and wanted to comfort my parents and spend precious quality time with them for the first time in 2 years. I'd booked my flight, bags were packed, and travel documents, necessary COVID documents too, in duplicate, neatly placed in an easily accessible pocket. All boxes...

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Energy levels bouncing about?

burnout energy wellne Nov 22, 2021

Do you remember the joy you used to find in a simple, brightly coloured bouncing ball? How you used to shriek with delight as you and your friends relished in its playful unpredictability. Was it going to hit a stone on the ground and veer sharply left instead of into the intended cupped hands of your friend? Was it going to bounce so high that only your bedroom ceiling could withstand its upward soar with an audible ‘thud’? Or perhaps on your next throw, it would land on your plush, soft duvet and be unexpectedly stopped in its tracks– devoid of any bounce. There may even have been an occasion when it ricocheted off a wall, hitting you in the temple, resulting in tears and a hug from someone who cared about you.

Suppose we recognise that many of our childhood games were, in fact, the beginning of our life lessons. In that case, we will see that this little bouncy ball was part of the intriguing learning tapestry of life. Inadvertently, in these innocent years of...

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What The Flux Is Going On With Me?

All is not okay. And it is okay not to be okay.

Have you recently been staring at yourself in the mirror and pondering as to whether the person staring back at you is, in fact, actually you? And if it is you, then what is it that has changed? And to what degree? Is the change for the better or worse? You look ok. Maybe you even look fabulous. After all, you've just been shopping to replace your sweatpants with a tailored pantsuit for that in-person meeting. Visually, you’re rocking it! However, sitting plum in your solar plexus is a pesky state of angst and uncertainty that you just can't shake—a constant state of FLUX. You are feeling more than just a little left-of-centre. Why now? Why this feeling of angst when the life you were forced to give up for 18 months is finally returning to normal?

Here’s the good news – you aren’t alone. And you haven’t lost your marbles.

It's just that they're rolling around your feet in a disorderly manner,...

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Build kitchen confidence …. How to turn your kitchen into a health haven

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2021

Building better habits or changing your actions is not all about willpower or motivation. One of the number one drivers of your behaviour change is without a doubt your environment.


Our environment has the incredible ability to shape our behaviour, and never has this is been truer than with what we EAT. Leave the crisps on the counter and you will finish them. Have a well-stocked fruit bowl and you will grab some fruit. It’s all about what is accessible when you are hungry.   


Why not take a little bit of time to organise your kitchen, your pantry and your grocery list so that your choice architecture can guide you toward making better decisions, even when your willpower is fading.   


Learn how to consolidate your kitchen like it is your job 

Two key steps in this process are:  


Stock Up  

Keep more healthy and nutritious foods around. Make sure they...

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From Stress FULL to Stress LESS

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2021

“Although the stress response was involuntary, the relaxation response requires practice.” Linda Lantieri

How are you feeling right now? Start with your jaw. Are you perhaps clenching it just a bit? It may even be aching or throbbing from grinding your teeth last night. And your neck? Your shoulders? Are you hunching them up? And that 'gut' feel – are you feeling at peace, or are those butterfly flutterings keeping your heart racing, perhaps even palpitating? If you answered no to these questions, then you’re part of the fortunate minority. The sad reality is most of us are carrying stress with us, even while we sleep and are meant to be deeply resting.

The good news is that we can retrain ourselves to be more mindful and AWARE of how stress manifests physically in our bodies and minds. That is how we can learn to counteract, or at the very least, minimise the negative impacts. I’m going to go over two mindfulness exercises with you. They are just 60...

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Burnout Is Out & About.

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

Burnout doesn’t social distance.

Take a moment now to not just open your eyes but to truly observe. Look around you. It's everywhere. Concealed behind forced smiles or revealed via downward cast eyes. There may be signs of tears. These tears may be yours even. They may belong to a family member or even a stranger you pass in slow-moving traffic. If you are an empath, you may even feel a noticeable shift in energy. It’s uncomfortable. It’s hard. It’s horrid.

I’m talking about burnout, and it's out, and about having a whale of a time – no social distancing here, it’ll get right up in your personal space and try to infect you. I saw a snippet on TV the other day that was rather silly but hit home nonetheless. It was an ad where a present-day character was having a conversation with his future self. I can’t recall it word for word, but the just of it went something like this:

"In your future, there will be no hugging, and there will be...

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Santé! Celebrating Wellbeing and Mental Health

sante Jun 11, 2021


What pops into your mind when you hear this word?

My guess would be 'social bubble.' How extraordinary that just a short year ago, those two words weren't joined at the hip. Now they're best mates and internationally understood. Well, if there's anything we've learned from this unprecedented time is that the only constant is indeed change.

We, humans, are resilient, and for the most part, we are adaptable to change. However, the recent changes are a LOT. We're still mystified and digesting a hug-less world of masks, sanitiser, and online everything. Oh, and a new-found love of sweatpants.

We’re fatigued.

We have lockdown fatigue. ZOOM fatigue. TEAMS fatigue. Physical, emotional, and mental fatigue. And let’s just say we’re seeing a lot more of our family than we used to!

Alone is hard. So, let’s do this together.

It’s time to look at bubbles differently. Think back to a childhood where you skipped after soapy bubbles from a plastic...

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