Are nibble and natter the matter?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2022

Are nibble and natter the matter?

No. They’re part of the solution.

Natter? One may believe that staff banter and walkabouts reduce productivity. If colleagues are shooting the breeze, they surely can't be shooting the lights out in terms of targets or deadlines? Well, that’s simply not true. Exchanging stories with colleagues is not wasted time, provided it’s done in moderation and isn’t gossip. Human interactions bring on the feel-good feels – we need to laugh in the workplace! We love that modest Mildred from accounts shares her naughty side beneath those sensible-Susan glasses, and that Chris from creative was a self-confessed nerd before he transformed into a man-bun, hipster guy.

We spend too much time in the office for it to only be about stubborn printers, low ink flashing lights, time-keeping bosses, and stay-put cubicles. Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a study to test the efficacy of small talk. It was found that the group that engaged in small talk performed significantly better on the cognitive tests. Work can’t be just work. We’re too human for that.

Natter improves:

  1. Team morale
  2. Productivity
  3. Creativity
  4. Inclusiveness
  5. Trust and connections
  6. Mental health and cognitive function
  7. Physical health by reducing stress

One of the underrated benefits clients share about my Wellbeing Masterclasses and keynotes is that audience members learn a common ‘language’ around wellbeing. They use this as ‘small talk’ to create opportunities for authentic sharing and collaboration –

“Eat like and artist”


“What you suppress the body will express”

“CEO – Chief Energy Officer”

“Mindful Minutes”

Nibble? In short, food is fuel. If we’re just puttering along fueled by Big Macs, fries, and sugary drinks, we’re on the highway (admittedly rather delicious!) to nowhere and will ultimately break down. We need efficient, sustainable fuel to elevate work productivity.

Healthy employees tend to be less stressed and are more energised and focused. Sick days generally are lower and output significantly higher. What we put into our bodies is an immense contributor to memory, concentration, and overall brain function. Plus, eating well boosts a positive mood and attitude. A study found that employees who eat healthily are 25% more likely to have higher job performance.

Give your employees some food for thought by encouraging the following:

  1. Eat breakfast for energy, focus, and reduce sugar cravings (see Foodie Fun link below to sign up for free recipes)
  2. Keep healthy snacks on hand
  3. Don’t skip your lunch break
  4. Keep a water bottle on your desk
  5. Plan for the week – both work lunches and meals at home

(see Foodie Fun link below)

  1. Bring healthy dinner leftovers to work

As an on-the-go wellness whisperer in the corporate space, I, too, face challenges when it comes to eating well. The only solution is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, and celebrate eating! It’s when we’re rushed that we quickly fall victim to the fast-food, fast-solution. My ‘easy peasy’ Foodie Fun by Celynn recipes have helped many of my wonderful clients become more mindful eaters and fueled employers and employees! Every week, I share healthy, fun, EASY recipes right to your inbox. I believe that we should all 'eat like artists' and simply LOVE The French Way to Eat - Eating for pleasure! if you’d like to take a read.

As employees, we need to take responsibility for our mental and physical well-being in the workspace both in-office at at home, and as employers, we need to encourage these healthy practices (as well as lead by example).

Right then…I'm off to enjoy a little nibble and natter with my colleagues!


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