Some Thoughts On Sleep & How To Increase Your Productivity

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2021

How’s your productivity? How's your sleep?

I was recently interviewed by Michael Tipper on his Peak Performance Productivity Podcast.

The episode went live today and you can watch or listen to it here now:


Michael's mission is to eradicate personal inefficiency and ineffectiveness because he believes wasted human potential is an avoidable tragedy.

We had a great conversation a few weeks back and here are just some of the highlights: 

01:53 - How well being is different from health

03:22 - Celynn’s Four Seasons framework for sleep - an overview.

04:30 - Why preparation for sleep and knowing how to sleep better begins the moment you wake up.

06:06 - Why you might wake up feeling different each day.

06:35 - The important decision you need to make about your sleep.

08:05 - Principles for a good morning routine.

09:17 - how much water you need to drink every day and why it is important to start your day with a drink of water.

10:14 - Why gratitude is so important to your mental and physical well being.

11:13 - The definition of an expression of gratitude.

12:30 - How gratitude before you go to bed is key to how to sleep better

13:17 - The cycles of energy through the day and the importance of breaks.

14:30 - Advice for people who think they don’t have time to take time out during the day.

16:23 - What to do in just 60 seconds to take a powerful break.

17:23 - How long to continue a habit to get an impact on your well being.

18:51 - What could happen if you don’t take care of your well being.

21:15 - Why taking small steps to improve your well being works.

21:54 - The importance of mindfulness and how to apply it when you are eating.

24:08 - The benefit of a mindfulness practice to your well being.

26:01 - How to eat during the day to ensure a good night’s sleep.

27:40 - When to drink caffeine during the day so it does not affect your sleep.

29:06 - How best to wind down in readiness for sleep.

30:33 - The impact that light has on the quality of your sleep.

31:55 - Why you shouldn’t look at screens (phones, tablets, computers) before you go to sleep.

33:29 - How to integrate all 5 senses in a powerful wind down routine before a good night’s sleep.

36:15 - How to balance the need for the occasional late night and having good quality sleep.

38:45 - How to use naps effectively to recover from late night.

39:01 - How to create a great environment for a great night’s sleep.

40:21 - Exercises to practice if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.

40:49 - How to sleep better and develop great sleep habits if you share a bed with someone else.

41:50 - The biggest danger to your health and well being by not getting enough sleep.

42:20 - The amount of sleep most human beings need.

43:17 - The one thing Celynn recommends for how to sleep better.

PS: If you don’t have time to listen to 45 minutes of productivity gold, (that’s Michael’s assessment, not mine!), you can still download a companion guide PDF to the episode that captures all the highlights or you can also access my sleep guide and receive more useful tips here - CELYNN's SLEEP GUIDE.

PPS. They are both about a 10 minute read - if you can’t find the time to do just that, then perhaps you might need to listen to the whole episode after all :-)



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