Build kitchen confidence …. How to turn your kitchen into a health haven

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2021

Building better habits or changing your actions is not all about willpower or motivation. One of the number one drivers of your behaviour change is without a doubt your environment.


Our environment has the incredible ability to shape our behaviour, and never has this is been truer than with what we EAT. Leave the crisps on the counter and you will finish them. Have a well-stocked fruit bowl and you will grab some fruit. It’s all about what is accessible when you are hungry.   


Why not take a little bit of time to organise your kitchen, your pantry and your grocery list so that your choice architecture can guide you toward making better decisions, even when your willpower is fading.   


Learn how to consolidate your kitchen like it is your job 

Two key steps in this process are:  


Stock Up  

Keep more healthy and nutritious foods around. Make sure they are visible, easily accessible, and convenient to eat at any time. 

Clean Out

Keep less (or even better none) unhealthy and highly processed foods around. Make sure they are less visible, harder to access, and less convenient to eat.  


More of my GO TO kitchen savvy tips ... which of these do you do already or feel that you could try? 


  • Keep fresh herbs and spices handy.
  • Enjoy making still life art out of your produce such as planting a beautiful windowsill herb garden.
  • Leave pretty water pitchers and bowls of fruit on countertops.
  • Buy a fruit bowl or use a cake stand for fresh fruit.
  • Keep a tea station handy and have a warm drink when feeling ‘peckish’.
  • Use crockery and cutlery that you love and that makes you feel good.
  • Invest in appliances such as spirulisers and blenders that can help you save time. Use smaller plates, bowl, and glasses.
  • Keep healthier snacks in small transparent containers.
  • Keep temptations hard to reach. Put ‘junk’ food high on the shelf and in opaque containers.
  • Play favourite tunes while you cook.
  • Take advantage of kitchen tech and apps. 
  • Commit to a plan. Keep the plan close by!

Less is more. Keep it simple and have fun in the kitchen!


Discover more tips for building kitchen confidence and eating healthy without the hassle by signing up to the Wellculator and taking the FREE assessment. Who knows? These small changes may help you to make bigger ones.  



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