Improve your wellbeing and discover a sense of joy and fulfilment

Rejuvenate your overall wellbeing on this exclusive weekend retreat with wellbeing whisperer, Celynn Morin


Santé - Celebrating Wellbeing is not just another retreat, it's a high impact, immersive, 48 hour transformational journey 

It’s an immersive sharing of knowledge and experiences that creates a distinct before and after. It's an impactful transformation, a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary brought about by knowledge that is delivered with heart, authenticity and proven methodologies. The outcome is more joy, inspiration, connection with self and others, a sense of meaning and sustained transformation.

Your health and wellbeing define the quality of the life you lead. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, you CAN improve the quality of your health and sense of joy and fulfilment. 

An exclusive weekend retreat

Join Celynn, and special invited guests as you take both a deeply restorative and invigorating journey, along with other like minded individuals.  

FORMAT: 3pm Friday - 3pm Sunday

VENUE: The retreat will take place in beautiful scenic surroundings - perfect for relaxation and reflection.

DATE: TBC Autumn 2024 & January 2025 - Express your interest below and receive first access to early bird specials.


Joyfulness. Celebration. Exhilaration.

Santé means "health" in French. It’s also a toast to good health and wellbeing.

Santé retreats weave the alchemy of the sparkling wine-making process with the transformative power of wellbeing.

Just as the bubbles in a glass of sparkling wine rise and rejuvenate the senses, “Santé - Celebrating Wellbeing” elevates the human spirit, replacing stale ways and anxiety with a renewed zest for life.

The pursuit of joy has never been more crucial. 

Now more than ever we need joy and inspiration to lead healthier lives in a way that is practical and enjoyable.

Ready to discover your inner champagne in just 48 hours?


“Do not choose the lesser life. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Choose the life that is yours. The life that is seducing you. That is dripping down your chin."

Nayyirah Waheed

What can you expect?

Holistic Workshops

Experience interactive sessions presented by award-winning professional speaker Celynn Morin designed to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The workshops are designed to help you break free from self-limiting beliefs, set new goals and embrace a new way of being.

Mindful Activities

Meet special guest speakers and participate in various activities such as gentle stretching, meditation, breathwork and nature walks to connect with yourself and the environment. Pre and post retreat bespoke 1-1 coaching sessions help you personalise your wellbeing roadmap.

Gourmet Nutrition

Enjoy delicious, healthful meals focusing on nourishment and balance along with sparkling wine, of course, santé! Experience mindful eating techniques and receive practical tools such as Celynn's foodie fun recipes to help you to continue to eat well, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. 

Community Connection

Share experiences and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals in a supportive atmosphere. Become part of the Wellbeing Clubhouse community post retreat and have access to celynn's well established Wellculator Programme. 

This is for you if you... 

  • Recognise the importance of wellbeing and want practical steps to enhance it without drastic lifestyle changes
  • Want to both feel and express more joy
  • Find stress and time constraints constantly battling for your attention
  • Desire to be an inspiring role model for your children
  • Notice an increase in general malaise or concerns about being in midlife and ageing
  • Are curious and apprehensive about the rapid technological changes and how to cultivate more AI - Authentic Intimacy
  • Feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting health advice, yet know it’s time to act
  • Aspire to optimise your health and to lose some weight, without sacrificing pleasures
  • Are a business or team leader noticing a dip in your vitality and want to stay resilient 
  • Struggle with sleep, despite feeling perpetually tired
  • Seek more meaningful connections with your partner
  • Cherish the ritual of enjoying sparkling wines
Her Integrity is Refreshing!

"Celynn is an expert in her field of wellness in the workplace. Not only does Celynn speak about her passion and knowledge but she lives it out in her daily life. Her integrity is refreshing."

Angelique Du Toit

Highly Relevant!

“I went into the session thinking I haven't got time for this and I have too much to do. How wrong was I... It was perfect timing and the right message for me. I needed the reminder of what was being delivered. This session was highly relevant to me and I have taken some really clear objectives from it."

Mark Fuller

An Incredible & Transformational Speaker!

"Having had Celynn present a variety of outstanding sessions over the years I feel the time has come to highlight what an incredible, and transformational speaker, presenter and coach she is. Her depth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in whatever she is presenting on never fails to impress. Many have credited her with life transformations, as well as providing tools and techniques for health, nutrition, resilience and general wellbeing. She is both tireless and selfless in her desire to help others. I cannot recommend her highly enough and look forward to many more years of working together."

Laura Gordon

Expert. Engaging. Actionable!

"In January 2024, I invited Celynn back to talk with one of my business leader peer groups. This was the 5th time Celynn has presented to my groups - a record for any speaker working with me. This should be no surprise as Celynn is such an expert in the world of wellness and nutrition, and has a very engaging delivery style. By the end of each session, I find I have taken copious notes, have several highly actionable actions and the motivation to implement. It is no exaggeration to say that Celynn has improved the health and wellbeing of myself and my members."

David Harding

What does sparkling wine have to do with wellbeing?

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

  • Necessary Pressures - Precision when pressing grapes for sparkling wine is of vital importance for extracting the highest quality juice, as is effective stress management, which will extract higher productivity and positivity.
  • Effervescence as Vitality - the liveliness and vibrancy that practical and holistic wellbeing brings as you enjoy life.
  • Celebration, Gratitude, and Recognition - Recognising and celebrating our achievements is vital for morale and motivation, much like the celebration that ensues at the popping of a cork.

Physical Wellbeing

  • Nourishing Foundations - grapevine health is deeply important to the quality of sparkling wine. The same way they require adequate nutrition, hydration, sunlight and general physical health, so do we.
  • Soil Health and Gut Flora - A healthy gut contributes to overall physical and mental health, in much the same way that healthy soil and foundations are crucial to the overall health of grapevines.
  • Rest and Rejuvenation - We need a rest period much like the one in the winemaking process, it is necessary for emotional wellbeing. Sustaining effervescence requires strong boundaries and downtime.

Meaning and Purpose

  • Mindful Celebration - Savour and appreciate life's moments, the same way you would savour your glass of sparkling wine. Create ‘champagne moments’ - with or without the beverage.
  • Balancing and Integrating - The blending process in winemaking has similarities with finding a work-life balance – achieved through self-awareness and self-regulation.
  • Adding Sweetness - enriching life and wellbeing through the incorporation of hobbies, creativity and passion is not dissimilar to the process of dosing sparkling wine to achieve a quality flavour.

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Join me for a weekend retreat and discover the transformative power of wellbeing & joy

Designed to enrich your wellbeing on four levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), this retreat weaves the alchemy of the sparkling wine-making process with the transformative power of wellbeing. Employing the symbolic and practical aspects of winemaking as metaphors, this retreat will help you lead a vibrant, effervescent life with more joie de vivre. Explore with me and other enthusiasts as we journey from grape to glass. Each retreat offers unique insights and practical takeaways, relevant for all levels of knowledge and health.

Here is a sample taster of the journey we will explore in-between eating and drinking great food with sparkling wine, of course. Santé!


The Vine: Growing roots, soaking up the sun and ripening

  • VINE: Honour your heritage and roots. Recognise personal 'red flags' that indicate rising stress levels and develop strategies to address these signs before they impact overall health and productivity.
  • TERROIR: Enhance your gut health in three easy steps and learn how you can contribute to the healing of the Earth’s microbiome as you boost your own immunity too.
  • NATURE, SEASONS & CYCLES: Utilise the natural elements - air, fire, water, earth, as a holistic wellbeing strategy. Apply the 'seasons' framework to manage energy throughout the day, ensuring a restorative sleep pattern and a more vibrant, awake state during work hours. Understand your natural cycles and how to balance masculine and feminine energy across various timescales: daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and throughout different life stages.


The Bottle: Encapsulate your unique essence through balance, rest and masterful receiving

  • PRESSING, BALANCING, BLENDING & REST:  Evaluate how to achieve the best balance for all aspects of your life through improved self-awareness and setting clear boundaries. Understand the difference between doing enough and overexerting to exhaustion. Identify the optimal amount of pressure needed to extract the best juice from your life. We will explore how strategic rest builds strength and resilience through stillness, silence, and solitude.

  • LA PRISE DE MOUSSE: Discover the most magical step in the alchemy of sparkling wine making—how to capture your sparkle and remain your very own CEO—Chief Effervescent Officer. Using the metaphor of the wine lees we will explore what you need to mindfully accept, masterfully receive and what to release.

  • BOTTLING, LABELLING & IDENTITY: Define the identity you wish to portray as an adult, parent, leader, or community member. Become clear on what you stand for and why. Live your life by design, not default.


The Cork - Celebrating meaningful moments together

  • CELEBRATION, MIDLIFE MEANING & COMMUNION: Choose gratitude, grace, and joy in a world of despair. Find your calm amidst the chaos. Discover what provides you with fulfilment. Explore your personal purpose and how to experience more joie de vivre, freedom, and vitality at this phase of your life. Master the art of authentic relating and gathering during these AI (artificially intimate) and technology-driven times.
  • EFFERVESCENCE & EROS: Become your own Chief Effervescent Officer by embracing lightness, acceptance, and a deeper understanding of the quantum field. Identify your inspiration and muse. Live a more pleasurable life through the senses, arts, poetry, and music.
  • TRANSFORMATION & INTEGRATION: Understand the transformative power of rituals and transitions to mark the passing of time. Learn how to create champagne moments anywhere, any time. Learn how balancing the feminine and masculine energies within us all can contribute to our healing and aliveness.

A Note From Your Host

Hello, I'm Celynn Morin, affectionately known as Coco. With over two decades of experience, I've guided thousands to rejuvenate their wellbeing through simple, effective lifestyle adjustments. You can find countless transformational stories and testimonials on my Linkedin profile or here on my website.

Originating from Champagne, France, I've been captivated by the rich symbolism and transformative nature of champagne making since my youth. My purpose is to bring healing and hope to the world through holistic wellbeing.

You can discover greater joy, connection, and a sense of belonging through community spirit. Experience less stress, more energy, and a profound love for life, without giving up the things you enjoy most —as I do, with a touch of champagne!

Let's pop the cork on your potential for a more joyful, vibrant life!

Celynn's sessions on wellbeing are second to none. I've seen Celynn many times now and each time I take away something new. She delivers with knowledge and understanding of busy lives and inspires you to make small changes that can make a huge difference.

Claire Farley

I highly recommend Celynn! I had the pleasure of working with her recently, and her expertise, personalised approach, and genuine care made a significant impact on my health journey. Her guidance and support were invaluable, and I achieved fantastic results with her help. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and compassionate nutritionist, Celynn is the one to go to.

Monika Kamycka

Celynn has a passion for helping other people find joy and calm in life and it shines through. I was lucky enough to book Celynn as a presenter at one of my conferences and what a great decision. She not only addresses wellbeing but Celynn shares practical exercises to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals. I would HIGHLY recommend Celynn!.

Leigh Acutt

Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver


Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life. This retreat will be exclusive, and spaces are limited. Sign up today to receive early access and updates about our upcoming retreats planned for Autumn 2024 and early 2025.

A Note to Hospitality and Sparkling Wine Producers

Are you a venue owner or sparkling wine producer looking to make a difference? I am seeking partners to join me in creating unforgettable, life-affirming events. Collaborate with Santé Retreats with Celynn and be part of a pioneering movement that addresses the pressing needs of today's society: the pursuit of joy, holistic health, and meaningful connection.

Our partnership goes beyond bespoke events. Together, we can create experiences that leave a lasting impact on our guests, promoting well-being and fostering deep connections.

If you have innovative ideas or are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, I would love to hear from you.

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